The idea of having an Academy of Medicine in Singapore was first mooted by some 20 medical specialists. On 19 July 1957, the Academy of Physicians and Surgeons was formed with 34 founding members including Dental Surgeons, Physicians and Surgeons. It was renamed “Academy of Medicine, Singapore” in 1958. The first two Chapters of the Academy were the Chapters of Physicians and Surgeons.



Telok Kurau Secondary School is situated at Chin Cheng Road off Still Road. The School, founded on a piece of state land, is bounded by Changi Road, Still Road and Telok Kurau Road. The word Telok Kurau means ‘mango fish bay’ as telok in Malay for ‘bay’ and kurau is Malay for ‘mango fish’. Before kampongs (villages) were phased out by the 1980s, a Malay village called Telok Kurau was located on East Coast Road connected to Telok Kurau Road. In the pre-war days, it was common to see the Indians in Telok Kurau. They reared cows, leading the animals freely on public roads. Telok Kurau Road also had its share of violence during the Maria Hertogh riots in the early 1950s and the nearby Telok Kurau English School was used as a screening centre before Sook Ching or ‘purging’ was done by the Japanese soldiers during the Japanese Occupation. The building of the school was first envisioned by the government in the early 1960s who saw, amidst the tranquil enclave of middle-class population and the Malay villages in the eastern part of the island, a school to cater to the education need of the majority Malay population in that area. Its presence in 1965 was also in line with the Singapore government policy of integrating pupils of the various streams of education, that is, as part of racial integration efforts during the delicate and turbulent years in Singapore history. The school was officially opened by Mr Rahim Ishak, the Parliamentary Secretary for Education on 19 July 1965. The First Principal was Mr. Syed Ahmad Alwi Alsree.




American International Assurance (AIA) of Singapore was initially known as International Assurance Co. Ltd (INTASCO). Originally founded as the American Asiatic Underwriters in Shanghai in 1919, it was renamed INTASCO in 1931. INTASCO first began its operations in Shanghai, and soon established branch offices in Hong Kong, Malaya, Thailand and Singapore in the same year. When INTASCO was fully acquired by Starr in 1948, he added "American" to its name, changing it to American International Assurance (AIA). In the 1990s, AIA's headquarters resided in a temporary location at Gateway East as the new AIA Tower was being built. At the ground-breaking ceremony of the AIA Tower on 19 November 1991, a time capsule containing items such as a 1962 rate book and other AIA mementoes, was buried. Two years later, the 25-storey state-of-the-art AIA Tower was officially opened by AIG Chairman and CEO, Maurice Greenberg. The agency also established permanent offices in the 1990s with the opening of AIA Tanjong Pagar on 24 February 1992, and AIA Changi and Alexandra on 19 July 1994.