Singapore Nurses Association (“SNA”) was constituted on 18 July 1957. In August 1958, SNA was registered with the Registrar of Societies. Nursing will be an autonomous and unified profession, recognised and valued for its leadership in providing quality care and its role in influencing policy and decisions. SNA’s mission is to raise the profile of nursing in Singapore, and to facilitate the contributions of nurses in trying to enhance the health of the nation’s population.



On 18 July 1967, the British announced its plans to withdraw its troops from Singapore by the mid-1970s. Six months later, the deadline was brought forward to 1971 due to economic problems arising from the devaluation of pound sterling. The news came as a shock to Singapore because Britain had earlier given their assurance that the pullout would be done in stages. As a compromise, the British agreed to extend its deadline for withdrawal from March to December 1971. The sudden pullout of British forces presented serious problems to Singapore's defense and economic security. At that time, the Singapore Armed Forces was in its infancy, and Singapore's relationship with Malaysia remained tenuous after its separation in 1965. By October 1971, most of the British troops had moved out of Singapore, leaving a token number behind. It would be another five years before the last of the British troops leave Singapore.



The humble beginnings of the Singapore Youth Festival could be traced to its roots in the Jalan Besar Stadium. Launched on 18 July 1967 by President Yusof Ishak, it was a festival that involved 24,000 students from primary and secondary schools in a two-week celebration. It has metamorphosed into an annual kaleidoscopic showcase of talents involving more than 40,000 students in the month of July.



The New Woodlands Checkpoint was opened to traffic on 18 July 1999 at the stroke of midnight. Built at a cost of more than $400 million and spanning a site equivalent to about 31 football fields, the new Checkpoint will cater to the growing human and vehicular traffic coming in and going out of Singapore through the Causeway while helping the authorities achieve better border security.




Marina Bay City Gallery was officially opened by Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister, on 18 July 2010.