The Barisan Sosialis, a now defunct political party, was formed in 1961 by left-wing members of the People's Action Party (PAP), who were expelled from the Party. One of the event that lead to the formation of Barisan Sosialis was on 13 July 1961, the then PAP member Lim Chin Siong persuaded eight PAP Assemblymen to denounce the Party, resulting in the absentation of 1,500 disillusioned voters during the Anson by-election two days later. The pro-communists also withdrew their support for PAP's candidate Mahmud Awang at a crucial stage of the campaign and endorsed David Marshall of the Workers' Party. Marshall went on to win the five-corner fight by a small majority of 546 votes.



The referendum on merger with the Federation of Malaysia, also known as the Singapore National Referendum, was held on 1 September 1962. The idea for a referendum to be held was championed by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of the People’s Action Party (PAP). The official purpose of the referendum was to allow the people of Singapore to express their preference on the terms of merger with Malaysia. The opposition political parties, notably the Barisan Sosialis (BS), were not satisfied with the framing of the referendum as it did not allow voters the choice of rejecting merger altogether. The bill was eventually passed and the Singapore National Referendum Ordinance came into operation on 13 July 1962.





Section 8B(1) of the amended Internal Security Act provides that the law pertaining to the judicial review of decisions made by the President or the Minister was restored to the legal position applicable in Singapore on 13 July 1971.




The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) financial scandal involved the revelation of a number of malpractices at the charity organisation, including the misuse of donated funds by its former chief executive officer T. T. Durai. The scandal broke in July 2005 after Durai sued Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) for defamation following a newspaper article detailing a lack of transparency and accountability in the NKF’s usage and acquisition of funds. On 13 July 2005, Durai drops the defamation suit against SPH after making several confessions. The trial led to public disclosures about numerous malpractices and financial mismanagement in the NKF and subsequent government investigations into its misconduct.