Rajabali Jumabhoy is a prominent businessman and patriarch of the four-generation Jumabhoy family business which once owned Scotts Holdings. Nicknamed "the Grand Old Man of Scott's". On 12 July 1951, he was appointed into the Executive Council of the Legislative Assembly. In 1975, converted family residence at Scotts road into a commercial development Scotts Shopping Centre was set up with the Ascot serviced apartments. Outside Scotts, the Jumabhoy's also hold the A&W Restaurants fast food franchise in Singapore.



On 1 July 1958, the British Government in Singapore handed over the Royal Malayan Navy to the government of the Ferderation of Malaya. This historic moment was officially held at the Royal Malayan Naval Base, Woodlands Singapore on 12 July 1958.



Racial sentiments were aroused in Singapore in various ways. On 12 July 1964, Singapore United Malays National Organisation organised a convention of about 150 Malay organisations at the New Star cinema in Pasir Panjang to discuss the problems faced by the Malays in Singapore.