Asia Insurance Building, also known as the A. I. Building, is located at 2 Finlayson Green. It was opened on 10 December 1955 with 18 floors at a height of 87 m. It was the tallest building in Southeast Asia when it was completed in 1954, and the first to exceed Cathay Building's claim to height in Singapore. It houses the Asia Insurance, a local company incorporated on 11 July 1923.


Published in June 1951, the report on Chinese schools and the education of Chinese Malayans, also known as the “Fenn-Wu report”, was presented to the Federal Legislative Council on 11 July 1951.



Hotel Royal was incorporated in Singapore under the Singapore Companies Act on 11 July 1968 to conduct business as a hotelier. Later that year, the Company was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.