On 25 June 1959, the government announced the amalgamation of the agriculture, co-operatives, fisheries, rural development and veterinary divisions of the Ministry of National Development to form the Primary Production Department (PPD). The main objective was to ensure that the needs of farmers and fishermen were better served.


(Source: HistorySG - http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/history/events/14f36ce1-a54c-4bb3-8993-91c57fee7c50)




The Adelphi Hotel was first established in possibly Commercial Square (Raffles Place) in 1863. The hotel grew and it moved to High Street and then to Coleman Street. During the Japanese Occupation, the Adelphi Hotel was renamed the Nanto Hotel. After serving for 110 years, the Adelphi Hotel closed in 1973.  On the last day, 25 June 1973, the hotel had a grand farewell party at its premises.  The hotel's management made a nice gesture for proceeds from that night went to the Singapore Cheshire Home for the handicapped.  The closing of the three-storey Adelphi Hotel marked the closing of Singapore's oldest hotel.  The historical building was demolished in 1980.  The Adelphi Complex, a less impressive 10-storey hotel-shopping-cum-office block, built in 1985 now stands on the site of the old Adelphi Hotel.



An investment holding company for the Singapore government, Temasek Holdings was incorporated on 25 June 1974 to manage its investments in government-linked companies (GLCs).