To provide sporting facilities for the Eurasian community the first Singapore Recreation Club was in a building in Waterloo Street. The new Clubhouse at one end of the Padang opened on 23 June 1833.



On 23 June 1957, Singapore’s then Chief Minister David Marshall mooted the idea of forming a “political party whose membership is exclusively trade unionists” to protect the welfare and rights of workers in Singapore. A draft constitution of the proposed party, to be called the Workers’ Party (WP), was sent a month later to more than 200 registered trade unions in Singapore. According to a statement by the Army Civil Service Union, whose then president, N. S. N. Nair, had been nominated as convenor for the new party, the WP “will work for the elimination of man’s exploitation of man, for the recognition in practice of the basic equality of all human beings and for equal opportunities for the individual for full and free development within the framework of respect for the rights of all”.


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On 23 June 1972, the Port of Singapore Authority opened its first container berth at Tanjong Pagar, making Singapore the first port in Southeast Asia to accommodate third-generation container vessels.