In the medical history of Singapore, Major (later Lt-Colonel) William Farquhar to Sir Stamford Raffles, written on 10 June 1819, when he recommended Prendergast’s promotion from Sub-assistant Surgeon to that of Acting Assistant Surgeon.



The Anson by-election was held to fill the Legislative Assembly seat left vacant by the death of People’s Action Party (PAP) assemblyman Baharuddin bin Ariff. Nomination day was set for 10 June 1961 with polling to take place on 15 July. Five candidates – Chee Phui Hung (Singapore Alliance), K. M. Ibrahim (Singapore Congress), Ismail Haji Hussain (Liberal Socialist Party), Mahmud Awang (PAP) and David Marshall (Workers’ Party) – vied for the seat. The by-election saw a split within the PAP as left-wing members withdrew their support for the PAP candidate and backed Marshall, chairman of the Workers' Party, instead.Marshall secured 3,598 votes to win by a narrow margin against M. Awang, who polled 3,052 votes. This was the PAP’s second by-election defeat in less than three months, after having lost in the Hong Lim by-election held earlier on 29 April.








For about a week in early June 1990, Singaporeans were captivated by media reports of runaway elephants on Pulau Tekong. This was the first time that elephants had been known to swim across the Johor Straits onto Tekong in recent history. The island is used by the Singapore Armed Forces for military training. The wild Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) were first sighted by national servicemen on 29 May 1990. With the collaboration and co-operation of the Singapore and Malaysian governments, the Singapore Zoo and Malaysian wildlife authorities and the Tekong army personnel, the bull elephants were captured about a week later on 7 June 1990. By the evening of 9 June 1990, two elephants were loaded onto the two lorries and were taken back to Malaysia. The third elephant was loaded and taken back to Malaysia the next morning on 10 June 1990. The elephants were given new homes in a forest reserve in Johor.