Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore to establish a trading factory. In all, he came to the island three times. On his last visit, he left Singapore on 9 June 1823. Raffles departed Singapore with tears in his eyes, sent on his way by ‘hundreds’.



The official opening of BRMC Church Sanctuary (Barker Road Methodist Church) was on 9 June 1963 by Bishop H Amstutz. The church dedication was conducted by Bishop Robert F Lundy on 31 October 1965. Bishop Lundy was the pastor of BRMC between January and August 1964. The dedication was also a celebration of the clearing of the entire Church Building debt.



Mobile Library Services were initiated by the National Library Board in 1960. This was mainly to ease the overwhelming demands made on its services at the main library building in Stamford Road whilst continuing to provide library services to more people. MacPherson service point was closed on 9 June 1988.