Opened on 3 June 1933, Clifford Pier was once the major landing point for immigrants and sea passengers arriving in Singapore. Although named after Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of the Straits Settlements (1927-1929), it is more commonly known as the Red Lantern Pier, because red oil lamps were hung at the pier to guide seafarers ashore. Clifford Pier closed in 2006 and has been restored as The Clifford Pier restaurant in The Fullerton Bay Hotel.



The 1958 State of Singapore Constitution or the Singapore (Constitution) Order in Council 1958 laid out the basic government structure for a self-governing Singapore. It replaced the Singapore Colony Order in Council 1955, more popularly known as the Rendel Constitution, which came into force on 8 February 1955. The new constitution vested the Singapore government with full internal governing powers, with the exception of matters pertaining to internal security and defence. Internal self-government for Singapore was achieved as a result of three all-party constitutional talks held in London from 1956 to 1958 between the British Colonial Office and 13 members from the Singapore Legislative Assembly. The 1958 constitution was brought into force by outgoing Governor William Goode on 3 June 1959 by proclamation. With the change, only Singapore citizens had the right to enter the country. Goode was then sworn in as the first Yang di-Pertuan Negara following the proclamation. Lee Kuan Yew, who was then the secretary-general of the People’s Action Party, was subsequently installed as Singapore’s first prime minister on 5 June after leading his party to an overwhelming victory in the Legislative Assembly general election held a few days earlier on 30 May. A celebration was held at the Padang for Singapore gaining full self-government on 3 June 1959.






Raffles Hotel was built in 1899 by the architect Swan & McClaren. Founded by Martin, Tigran & Arshak Sarkies. Guests include Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, Ava Gardner and Michael Jackson. It is also the home of the Singapore Sling. Raffles Hotel was gazetted as a national monument on 6 March 1987 and was re-gazetted on 3 June 1995.