The first Botanic Gardens, initiated by Raffles in 1822, was located on the slopes of Government Hill (now known as Fort Canning Hill). Its purpose then was the experimental cultivation of plants, such as nutmeg and clove, to evaluate their economic value and suitability as cash crops. It occupied 58 acres and was supervised by Nathanial Wallich (Dr), a Danish surgeon and naturalist who had previously been the Superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Calcutta. However, it proved to be too expensive to upkeep and was abandoned in June 1829. On 24 May 1836, the Agricultural and Horticultural Society was formed and one of its initial action was to call for the government of that day to encourage agriculture and its development. This appeal led to a grant of seven acres of land around the foot of Fort Canning Hill. However, by 1846, the society became defunct.




William Henry Macleod Read was an established businessman and an active contributor to political and social interests, in the almost 46 years of his life in Singapore, Treasurer of the first Singapore public library and Honorary Police Magistrate. On 24 May 1854, as Worshipful Master, he officiated the Masonic religious ceremony for the laying of the Foundation Stone of Raffles Lighthouse. One of Read’s last duties as a Singapore resident was laying the first cylinder of a bridge over the Singapore River – a bridge that today still bears his name, Read Bridge.



The Singapore Motor Sports Association was founded on 24 May 1969 through the amalgamation of the Forces Driving Club and the Singapore Motor Club.



Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex was opened on 24 May 1982. There is a teaching pool which is not too deep that a child over 6 years old will be able to stand in the water with their heads up. As they proceed on, they are able to go to the competition pool which is the size of an Olympic Sized pool at 50 meters. Many individual tanning benches are available for sunning yourself to a nice golden brown on a nice sunny day.



The Stock Exchange of Singapore Limited was incorporated on 24 May 1973 and commenced full operation as an independent exchange on 4 June 1973.



Hougang interchange was split into two on 24 May 1998, Hougang Ctrl Int and Hougang Ctrl Ter.