Incorporated on 19 May 1969 under the name 'Singapore Petroleum & Chemical Company (Private) Limited', and later named 'Singapore Petroleum Company Private Limited'.



The Drmatological Society of Singapore was establised in 1972. Among the many objectives of the Society is to advance the knowledge and practice of dermatology. One of their many activities included the Annual scientific meeting which the first meeting was held on 19 May 1985.



The Department of Physics is served by the Science Library, which is a Special Library within the NUS Libraries, opened its doors on 19 May 1986. Located in the Bio-Science Complex, the Library occupies the 4th, 5th and 6th floors, as well as part of the 3rd floor of the Science Library Building (Block S6). It serves primarily the Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Science, School of Computing and its Graduate Division.