Singapore Polytechnic was the first polytechnic in Singapore - established in 1954. The Singapore Polytechnic's Board of Governors adopted the present crest on 17 May 1960. It is in the form of a shield, red and yellow in colour. The colours are representative of a tropical environment. The upper portion of the emblem bears a lion on a red background. The lion represents Singapore and the red is associated with the Singapore flag. The lower portion illustrates an engineering wheel on a plain yellow background. The splinted wheel denotes engineering technology. The compass represents exact measurement and precision.



Finance Minister Goh Keng Swee opens Singapore's first factory making Swiss watches in Jurong on 17 May 1968. Owned by Swiss firm United Precision Instruments, the factory is a joint venture between the European company and local entrepreneurs.



PSC Corporation Ltd (formerly: Provisions Suppliers Corporation Limited) was incorporated in Singapore on 17 May 1974 to function as the central purchasing body for members of the Singapore Provision Shops Friendly Association. It is a home-grown company with three core businesses in food, healthcare and education.



Singapore Democratic Party (新加坡民主党) was founded on 6 August 1980 by Chiam See Tong and Fok Tai Loy and officially registered on 8 September 1980, it was the strongest opposition party in post-independence Singapore and had a record of three seats in Parliament, becoming the first opposition party with more than one seat since BS in 1963. Due to internal conflict, Chiam resigned as Secretary-General on 17 May 1993 and quit the party before GE1997, which saw it lost all its seats. Replacing him was Dr Chee Soon Juan, whose confrontational style defers from that of his predecessor. Nations and was taken up by many governments.



National Education was launched by then Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 17 May 1997. It was initiated in 1996 by the Ministry of Education to foster national cohesion and instil a sense of national identity among students and younger Singaporeans.