Singapore Malay Union was established on 14 May 1926. Formed as a Malay religious and cultural entity, it was the precipitation to the formation of Singapore UMNO although its leaders later reversed its decision to form it. In 1954, it was joined as part of the three-party LF alliance. When LF became a single party, it declined to merge and instead became a coalition partner to UMNO and MCA in 1955. In 1957, it was expelled by its alliance partners for fielding a candidate in that year's by-election. In the 1959 GE, it went on its own, making no headway. Falling into comatose, it did not register under the new Societies Ordinance passed on 16 May 1960. It was dissolved in 1961.



The National Junior College was established in 1969 and officially opened on 14 May 1970 by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, the then-Prime Minister. As the pioneer College in the Republic, its system has been the model for junior colleges established in successive years. Its vision is to nurture students who have sound moral values and a deep sense of responsibility to the college and the country, who are prepared to lead with sensitivity and serve with honour. The college provides a vibrant learning environment which fosters academic excellence, critical and creative thought and an enterprising spirit.



Medium Rare, Singapore's first full-length English film, released in local cinemas in late 1991. Loosely based on the bizarre Adrian Lim ritual murders of the early 1980s, Medium Rare was filmed and produced in Singapore. Shot in Singapore, the film used a variety of settings such as a Peranakan house in Tong Watt Road, a Mount Pleasant Drive house, Giok Hong Tian Temple at Havelock Road, East Coast Park and Pan Pacific Hotel. Shooting was carried out for five weeks and completed on 14 May 1991. A press conference on 16 May 1991 introduced the film, actors and other details to the public.