Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA) was the brainchild of a few schoolboys of Raffles Institution during the mid-1920’s. In the absence of a Sikh organization for sports and culture, these sports enthusiasts took it upon themselves, with the backing of several adults, to establish Khalsa Association. Gurdwaras functioned, as most still do, as a place of worship and of social functions. Fueled with the need to establish a sports club, for their own community, the SKA was established on 8 May 1931. Today it has become a formidable institution for Sikhs in particular to partake and hone their sporting skills.



On 8 May 1965 delegations from the PAP and four opposition parties from the peninsula and Sarawak met in Singapore under the chairmanship of Toh Chin Chye to form a Malaysian Solidarity Convention.



The Singapore Chemical Industry Council, or (SCIC) is the official body representing the Chemical Industry of Singapore in the private sector. Its membership comprises key MNCs, SMEs, Logistics Service Providers and Traders. SCIC was officially formed under the umbrella of the former Singapore Manufacturers Association (SMa) on 8 May 1979 by a group of 17 manufacturers. SCIC is affiliated to the ASEAN Chemical Industries Council (ASEAN-CIC).




In 1912, a group of Sikhs saw the need to move out of the first premises devoted to Sikh worship at Pearl's Hill Police Barracks. The Central Sikh Temple, also known as Wadda Gurdwara, was then set up in a bungalow at No. 175 Queen Street. The temple was reconstructed in 1921 to cater to the growing Sikh community. In 1977, the land in Queen Street was acquired for urban renewal and the temple was vacated in December 1979. It was temporaily housed in the former Bukit Ho Swee Community Centre at Seng Poh Road until it moved to the Central Sikh Temple at Towner Road in 1986. The above storyboard at the site of the former Central Sikh Temple at Queen Street was unveiled on 8 May 1999 by Justice Choor Singh (Retired).



Singapore first museum on the Indian community, $21 million Indian Heritage Centre, opened its doors to the public on 8 May 2015.