The Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, a.k.a. Greja Kechil and the Scots Church, is the earliest Presbyterian church in Singapore. Only on 6 May 1875 was land given upon which the current Presbyterian Church of Singapore was built. The location of the Church's foundation stone laid in 1877 is however not known. The Church was erected in 1878 at a cost of $20,000 and worship began with only 42 members. During the Japanese Occupation, it was used as a supply base for the Japanese and most of its early records were destroyed. After World War II, the Rev Geer who had been interned in Changi, reopened the Church for regular services in 1947. Today, the church holds services in various languages including English, Mandarin, Indonesian, German and Dutch.




Singapore's independence brought on the 1966 National Registration Act. All citizens and permanent residents were required to register or re-register for their ICs. A new identity card was thus introduced in 6 May 1966 and the re-registration exercise was rolled out in two phases. A total of 1,233,705 cards were issued.


The tenth Singapore general election is held on 6 May 2006with the ruling People's Action Party winning 82 out of 84 seats with a percentage of 66.6% of the total vote.