Just as the European merchant community used Chinese middlemen in conducting their business, the Straits government relied on prominent Chinese businessmen to act as go-betweens with the Chinese community. Seah Eu Chin was the go-between with the Teochew community, which originated from the Chao-zhou province of Southern China. He rendered service in helping to quell several disturbances in the community, most notably the 1854 Hokkien-Teochew Riots which broke out on 5 May 1854. The incident ostensibly began because of a dispute over the price of rice, between a Hokkien and a Teochew, but that dispute probably was only a trigger for the release of long-held resentment and animosity between the Hokkien (from Fujian province in China) and Teochew (from Chaozhou province) communities. In all over 400 people were killed over 10 days of violence. The British authorities on Singapore island met with Chinese leaders, including Seah Eu Chin representing Teochews and Tan Kim Ching representing the Hokkiens, and with their assistance helped to bring the situation to a close.


(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seah_Eu_Chin)



The founding of our Alma Mater, the Nanyang University, affectionately called Nantah, is the crystallisation of the aspiration of the Chinese community to pursue excellence. During the colonial days, Nantah has taken a long and uneven route before it was incorporated as a company known as Nanyang University Limited on 5 May 1953. Credit, must therefore, be given to the founder, the late Mr. Tan Lark Sye for his sheer grit and etermination to build Nantah under the adverse circumstances of the time.



What the Singapore Naval Volunteer Force (SNVF) SNVF lacked in resources was made up for in determination and hard work. Though a small force to begin with, the SNVF underwent a period of rapid growth and development. It had started off with former members of the Royal Malaysian Navy being mobilised to form the nucleus of the fledgling force. The following year saw the SNVF boost its numbers to 89 mobilised personnel and 278 volunteer officers and men. Some were women from the Singapore Women's Auxiliary Naval Service (or SWANS), which had been formed in 1957. On 5 May 1967, the Singapore Naval White Ensign was hoisted with pride, signalling that Singapore finally had a navy to call its own.


Adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow has made history for Singapore by skiing 771km to the North Pole on Day 45 of the Hitachi Extreme North Expedition at 1850hrs on Sunday 5 May 2002 (0750hrs on 6 May 2002 Singapore time). Khoo is now the first man in Singapore and South East Asia, as well as the fourth in the World to complete the Adventure Grand Slam, which consists of the Seven Summits, the South Pole and the North Pole!