On 29 April 1942, the Raffles Library and Museum was re-opened to the public as the Syonan Hakubutsu Kan. The library was known as Syonan Tosyokan. The Directorship of the library and museum was taken over by Professor Hidezo Tanakadate, a vulcanologist and geologist of Tohoku Imperial University in Sendai. In September 1942, Marquis Yoshichika Tokugawa, related by marriage to the emperor of Japan, was appointed as the President of the Syonan Hakubutsu Kan. He would later take over the position of Director of the library and museum when the Professor was ordered to return to Japan on suspicion of being a pro-European supporter in June 1943.



Serangoon Gardens Country Club is one of the oldest and well-respected clubs in Singapore. Established on 29 April 1955 by Mr. S. C. Macey and some residents of Serangoon Gardens, it was then known as the Serangoon Gardens Sports Club. Membership was just $2 but was exclusive to residents of Serangoon Gardens Estate. Majority were British servicemen who enjoyed gathering at the Club for soccer and hockey matches or a game of billiards, darts, bridge or tombola. Occasionally, the kids had a splashing time when the soccer field doubled-up as a pool and fishing pond after heavy rain.




They may be far from home but the British community in Singapore joined their countrymen in celebrating Britain's biggest royal wedding in 30 years. Music flowed from bagpipes and the drums rolled as the doors to the British Club in Bukit Timah opened to about 130 guests. Club members watched the live telecast of the royal wedding that took place at the Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011. Guests who attended a lavish gala dinner that followed were of the consensus that the marriage of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton, a commoner, was one of the most unforgettable in British history. The British Club was opened on 15 November 1987 by HRH Princess Anne.