Sungei Buloh Nature Park was officially opened on 6 December 1993, this 87-hectare of mangrove, fresh water ponds and secondary forest was designated a forest reserve from as early as 17 April 1890. The fresh water and secondary forest habitats may have been subsequently introduced by early settlers in the Sungei Buloh (which means Bamboo River in the Malay language) area since the Straits Settlement Government Gazette Reports of the Botanic Gardens described the area to consist entirely of mangrove swamp in 1890.



Singapore Children's Society was founded on 17 April 1952 by a group of civic-minded citizens.



Skal International Singapore was founded on 17 April 1952 as Club No 102 of Skal International, a world-wide body with 25,000 members in some 90 countries. It is a non-profit group of travel industry professionals whose main aim is to foster friendship and communication among people in the travel and tourism industry.




Stages 1 and 2 of the Circle MRT Line opened on 17 April 2010.