The Singapore Turf Club moved to its new premises after the Bukit Timah RaceCourse costing $3 million was opened by the governor of Singapore, Sir Cecil Clementi on 15 April 1933.



After the Japanese surrender in September 1945, the British Military Administration immediately took over. The General Hospital and the Mental Hospital had been requisitioned for military patients and therefore, other temporary arrangements had to be sought. The female section of the Mental Hospital became the Royal Air Force Hospital while the male section was converted into the Japanese Prisoners-of-War Hospital. From March 1946, the Japanese and British troops were gradually evacuated from the hospital. The Mental Hospital was re-opened on 15 April 1946 but only three wards were then available for civil patients. The Mental Hospital emerged from the occupation badly in need of physical reconstruction and the first task then, was to rapidly restore the hospital. The spirit of self-awakening dawned on the staff and it was difficult times like these that led the mental health workers to find their sense of resilience.



Then Minister for Culture, S. Dhanabalan, declared the orchid hybrid Vanda Miss Joaquim as Singapore’s national flower on 15 April 1981.




Established on 15 April 1988, Bukit Batok Driving Centre was officially opened on 6 April 1990 by Professor Jayakumar.



Official opening of the Singpaore Flyer on 15 April 2008.