Countries all over the world impose border control in some form or other because they want to prevent undesirable persons, cargo and conveyances from going into their countries. In Singapore, immigration control was first introduced on 11 April 1919, through the Passengers Restriction Ordinance. Even in Singapore's pre-independence days, we were already concerned about controlling the arrivals and departures. Those born in Singapore and Malaya were not affected.



The British government on 11 April 1957 allows the island colony of Singapore to govern itself under a new constitution agreed in London. Great Britain will continue to control external affairs and defense.



The inaugural Singapore Grand Prix motor race was won by Lee Han Seng of Singapore on 11 April 1966. The race would be discontinued after 1973, but revived thirty-five years later in 2008.



The beginning of Tampines Junior College was humble. In March 1986, nine teachers met at Tampines Primary School to lay down the foundations for a junior college to be opened in April. There was barely time to plan a coherent policy, the procedure or map out the shape that the College would take before the first registration of students was carried out two weeks later. The number was small: one hundred and thirty. A humble beginning indeed. Hence Tampines Junior College, located in the midst of Tampines New Town, commenced functioning as a centre of Pre-university education on 11 April 1986.