Every year, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is involved in numerous military exercises with other armed forces. It was more than forty years ago that the SAF took part in its first ever large-scale multi-lateral exercise. This was Exercise Bersatu Padu, held from April to June 1970. The scenario for Exercise Bersatu Padu was this: Ganasia, a fictitious country between Thailand and Malaysia, had begun infiltrating into Trengganu and managed to control a swathe of territory in the West Malaysian State. The aim of the five powers was to stop the growing aggression of the Ganasians and to regain the lost territory. The exercise began on 5 April 1970 with the deployment of the participating ANZUK, Malaysian and Singaporean troops. A six-week training phase was then conducted, with 5 SIR receiving jungle training in Kota Tinggi, Johore. 5 SIR, along with some British units, formed the 19th Brigade. An exercise, Spring Handicap, was held at the end of the training phase where 5 SIR successfully attacked and captured a 400m high enemy-held hill.




On 5 April 1983, The Straits Times on page 8 wrote an article on "How a Revere bell came to Singapore" -- A brief moment of US-Singapore history as Mr Thomas O'Neill listens to National Museum curator, Mrs Eng Seok Chee explain how the 1843 Revere bell (picture above) got to Singapore ... the bell was cast in the Revere foundary of Boston and later donated to the first Church of St Andrew by the bellmaker's daughter. Mrs Maria Revere Balestier, daughter of Paul Revere, became the wife of Joseph Balestier, the first American consul in Singapore...



Pioneer Primary School began its history in January 1995 with 19 classes in Juying Primary School. On 16 April 1995, it moved to its present site. Mr Peter Chen, Senior Minister of State for Education and Member of Parliament for Hong Kah GRC declared the school officially opened on 5 April 1997.



Meidi-Ya Supermarket, at Liang Court Shopping Centre, opened in Singapore on 5 April 2003.