On 28 March 1874, Resolution of the Legislative Council to establish a Library and Museum in Singapore.



The first registration for National Service opened on 28 March 1967. By the end of the registration, over 9,000 young men of eligible age groups had registered. Ten per cent of the registrants were selected for full-time National Service in the army, while the rest were enrolled for part-time service in either the People's Defence Force, the Special Constabulary or the Vigilante Corps. The first intake of 900 full-time National Service men were enlisted on 17 July 1967 and were enlisted into two newly formed battalions; 3rd Singapore Infantry Regiment (3 SIR) and 4th Singapore Infantry Regiment (4 SIR). They completed their full-time National Service in August 1969 and passed into what was then called the "Reserves".



The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) was formed in 1965 when Singapore became an independent republic. In the early years, the GIA was essentially an extension of the Malaysian Insurance Association from which it grew. In fact, the GIA did not officially start operations until Jan 1967, and didn't stage its first Annual General Meeting until 28 March 1968.



On 28 March 1969, the Society changed its name from the Malayan Economic Society to the Economic Society of Singapore, in keeping with the independent and sovereign status of the Republic.



Devan Nair a/l Chengara Veetil, also known as C. V. Devan Nair, was the third President of Singapore and was elected by Parliament on 23 October 1981. He served as President until his resignation on 28 March 1985.



Changi General Hospital, a.k.a. New Changi Hospital, located at 2 Simei Street 3, was pitched as the first purpose built regional hospital and was formed through an amalgamation of the Changi Hospital and the former Toa Payoh Hospital at Thomson Road. It was officially opened on 28 March 1998 although its history began as early as 1935.




Bugis+, pronounced as Bugis Plus, formerly Iluma, is a 10 storey shopping mall and opened its doors on 28 March 2009.