On 27 March 1846 William Henry Macleod Read was Elected Trustee (and for many years) of the Singapore Institution (later renamed Raffles Institution). Also elected to the committee of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce, and later became its chairman. He was an established businessman and an active contributor to political and social interests, in the almost 46 years of his life in Singapore. Read Bridge and Read Street are named after him.



Leila Majnun, which premiered on 27 March 1934, is believed to be one of the earliest Malay feature films entirely produced in Singapore.



Lim Bo Seng was captured by the Japanese on 27 March 1944, and dies after 3 months of torture.




Singapore Airlines flight SQ 117 was hijacked on 26 March 1991 shortly after it took off from Kuala Lumpur. The hijackers were four passengers who claimed to be members of the Pakistan People’s Party. The plane landed at Changi Airport at 10.24 pm. Commandos of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) mounted a rescue operation at 6.50 am on 27 March 1991, killing all four hijackers and bringing the passengers and crew to safety.