Lim Nee Soon, the illustrious rubber and pineapple planter, built a row of shophouses on Sembawang Road in 1912 and established the chop "Thong Aik" that dealt with rubber. Some of the shophouses were later used as housing units. Sembawang Road was the scene of the worst fire accident in Nee Soon. On 23 March 1951, a row of 22 shophouses housing various businesses caught fire making 500 residents homeless and destroying S$300,000 worth of property.




The Singapore Army Act (1965) also provide for naval and air force units under the Army's command. With the passing of the Singapore Armed Forces Act on 23 March 1972, two new services were formed - the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Republic of Singapore Air Force.



On 23 March 2015, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced his father's death at the age of 91. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who was Singapore's first Prime Minister when the country gained independence in 1965, passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital at 3:18 am following a long illness.