After the war, on 18 March 1946, Lieutenant Colonel Masayuki Oishi and Lieutenant Colonel Haruzo Sumida, (commander of the Syonan Branch Kempeitai) with 21 other Kempeitai officers were charged by the Military Court at the Supreme Court Building, Singapore, for the torture and murder of civilians in a war criminal trial termed the "Double Tenth" trial. Both lieutenant colonels were found guilty of war crimes and hanged.



In March 1956, six British Members of Parliament visited Singapore to assess Singapore's ability to deal with internal security. A mass rally was organized on 18 March 1956 at the old runway at Kallang to demonstrate the people's desire for independence. There was a crowd of 25,000 carrying various banners and slogans. Mr David Marshall, the Chief Minister, the British Parliamentarians and other members of the Singapore Legislative Assembly were on a stage erected for them. The rally turned into a riot. The Chief Minister appealed to the crowd to restrain themselves; Mr Lee Kuan Yew also addressed the gathering to remain calm. Those on the stage made a dash to the old terminal building. About 50 persons including 20 policemen were injured in the melee that followed.



Shin Min Daily News was started on 18 March 1967. This light-hearted evening newspaper provides the latest on a wide range of local and international topics.



Resorts World opens the Universal Studio on 18 March 2010, at 8.28am, with 18 attractions and rides spread over seven zones to entertain visitors.