For the trails of those Japanese responsible for the massacre of Chinese civilians, Changi Gaol was used to detent the accused. These trials, involving a large number of Japanese officers, began on 10 March 1947. In particular, there was a General Officer Commanding the Imperial Guards Division, called Sugita who shed his blood terribly before the trial. Sugita was to give evidence against his Lieutenant-General Nishimura. One morning his bed was found empty. There was a note on the table. At the back of the cell, one can hear a groan. There he was, sitting on the ground with his face towards the north-east. His neck was smothered in blood. He stretched back, still trying to cut the carotid (two arteries) with a blunt stainless steel table knife. His hand was trembling violently. The guards sprang on him and wrenched the knife away. The held a blood-soaked towel to his neck. He was unconscious and his feeble breath whistled through his throat like a high-pitched note from a flute. His note had read, 'I cannot bear to give evidence against my senior officer. I prefer to kill myself than be a witness for the prosecution. Best regards to our British friends.' (Source: Syonan-My story)


The MacDonald House bombing occurred on 10 March 1965 at 3.07 pm, at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building (now known as MacDonald House) along Orchard Road of Singapore, which was then part of Malaysia. The time bomb was planted by a duo of Indonesian saboteurs, during the period of Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation (also known as Konfrontasi). The explosion killed three people and injured at least 33 others.




Bukit Gombak MRT Station (NS3) was opened on 10 March 1990; and on 18 August 1987, the station was renamed from "Bukit Batok North" to "Bukit Gombak" and "Bukit Batok South" to "Bukit Batok". It was part of the Branch Line before the opening of the North South Line Woodlands Extension on 10 February 1996.



The Jurong West Public Library was first opened in Jurong Point on 28 March 1996 by Mr Ho Kah Leong, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Environment and Member of Parliament for Jurong. It was closed for 2 months and relocated to the Frontier Community Place, co-locating with Frontier Community Club. Re-opened to the public on 10 March 2006, the new library covers an area of 4232 square metres which is a three-fold expansion of its former size.