Sir Walter John Napier was joint founder of the firm Drew & Napier, and Attorney-General of Singapore from 1907-1909, during which he was responsible for introducing a new Civil Procedure Code. He was also the author of An Introduction to the Study of Law Administered in the Colony of the Straits Settlements, which addressed the contentious areas between English and native law. Napier also served as Secretary of the Straits Settlements Association from 1890, and was a founder member of the Straits Philosophical Society. In honour of his services, Napier was knighted on 9 March 1909.



On 9 March 1985, Open Mobilisation system was introduced. Code names were broadcast on radio, television, Rediffusion and cinemas.



On 9 Mar 1998, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) shifted to the former Keppel Primary School premises at Cantonment Road. The one-way mirror for Identification Parade was introduced. It was also here that we witnessed the passing out of the first batch of Corrupt Practices Investigation Assistants on 25 May 1998.




There was a partial solar eclipse visible in Singapore on 9 Mar 2016. A partial eclipse is where the sun is partially obscured by the moon.