The Straits Philosophical Society was founded on 5 March 1893 to engage in critical discussions on philosophy, theology, history, literature, science, and art. The society played a developmental role in the intellectual and cultural life of colonial Singapore. By the late 1910s, the society was operating under great difficulties as many members were conscripted for the Great War or burdened by business commitments. The year of the society's cessation is not known as no records dating beyond 11 February 1916 have survived.


On 5 March 1930, the foundation stone of the new church was laid by Song Ong Siang. He was presented with a silver trowel by the supervising architects Messrs Swan and MacLaren. Present at the ceremony too was a granddaughter of the late Rev B.P. Keasberry who built the first Prinsep Street church. The foundation stone was inscribed “Prinsep Street Church (Straits Chinese) Built 1843 Rebuilt 1930 The architect of the church was an Australian, C.J. Stephens, from the firm of Swan and MacLaren, Civil Engineers and Architects.”



On 5 March 1999, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced the composition of its Financial Centre Advisory Group (FCAG). Comprising leading members of the financial community in Singapore, the FCAG will institutionalise dialogue and consultation between MAS and the industry.




Lorong Halus, a road off the Tampines Expressway, refers also to the area around the road in the north-eastern part of Singapore. Since 1970, the 234-ha land served as a landfill where Singapore's wastes were dumped but it was officially shut down in 1999, as landfill operations were substituted by the new offshore landfill at Semakau Landfill. Since its shutdown, the area has been left untouched, providing an open country habitat as more wildlife are seen inhabiting it. It has also become a spot that birdwatchers frequent. Today, a portion of the unused plot of land on the eastern side of Serangoon River has been converted into a wetland (Lorong Halus Wetland). The Lorong Halus Wetland was offically opened by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on 5 March 2011.