Walter John Napier was an Attorney-General of Singapore from 1 March 1907 to 31 December 1909, during which he was responsible for introducing a new Civil Procedure Code. Sir Walter Napier arrived in Singapore in 1889 after being admitted to the English Bar and joined Alfred Drew in the partnership of Drew & Napier.



On 1 March 1966, the 1st Singapore Armed Forces Signals Corps of the newly formed Armed Forces of the Independent Republic of Singapore was formed. Due to the increasing demand for faster and better communications system in SAF, HQ C&E was organised as HQ Signals on 1 March 1982.




Senior Minister of State for Education and Acting Minister for Social Affairs Dr. Ahmad Mattar officiated at the inauguration of Singapore Council of Women's Organisations on 1 March 1980.



The new Main Entrance and Linkway connecting the Science Centre (15 Science Centre Road) to Omni-Theatre was completed on 1 March 2000.