29 February is a day added into a leap year of the Gregorian calendar. This date occurs only every four years, in years evenly divisible by 4, such as 1996, with the exceptions in century years not divisible by 400, such as 1900.



Controversy has arisen from Raffles' own mistake in recording the date of the first landing as 29 February 1819 in his "Statement of the Services of Sir Stamford Raffles", a date which did not exist as 1819 was not a leap year.


The Leap Years (Singapore Movie) opens on 29 February 2008. Based on the novella Leap of Love by the author Catherine Lim. Cast includes Wong Lilin, Ananda Everingham, Qi Yu Wu, Joan Chen, Jason Keng-Kwin Chan, Vernetta Lopez, Nadya Hutagalung, Paula Malai Ali and Tracy Tan.