On 20 February 1942, 66 Chinese males were lined up along the edge of the sea, Changi Beach/Changi Spit Beach, and shot by the military police. The beach was the first of the killing sites of the Sook Ching. Victims were from the Bukit Timah/Stevens Road area. The Sook Ching (肃清, meaning "purge through cleansing") was a systematic extermination of perceived hostile elements among the Chinese in Singapore by the Japanese military during the Japanese occupation of Singapore and Malaya.




With the advent of British’s representative, Mac Michael to Malaya in enforcing their Majesties, the Sultans to surrender Malaya and her possessions to the British Crown with the proposed Malayan Union. As a consequence, the Malays protested against of forty (40) Malay Organizations throughout Malaya assembled at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kuala Lumpur to congregate a Malay Congress and to initiate the course for uniting the Malays and their objectives. Singapore was represented by Kesatuan Melayu Singapura [KMS]. Thereafter, they congregated at Johor Bahru and it was there, UMNO (United Malays National Organization) was established. UMNO Singapore was registered on 20 February 1961. Prior to its registration it spread over and became the Singapore division of UMNO in the year 1954. On 9 August 1965, Singapore was separated from Malaysia. After separation, UMNO Singapore had to adjust to the changed political circumstances of an Independent, multi-racial Singapore and had to sever its connections with UMNO Malaysia. On 5 May 1967, UMNO Singapore assumed a new name – Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura [PKMS] or Singapore Malays National Organization.



Thomson Road Hospital was formally opened as a hospital for the chronic sick on 20 May 1959. The new extension consisting of a block for the surgical theatres, X-ray department, outpatient and casualty units were opened on 20 February 1965. The hospital faced a shortage of beds and was then finally relocated to Simei as it was merged with Changi Hospital to form Changi General Hospital and was defunct on 15 February 1997.



Singapore International Film Festival is inaugurated on 20 February 1987.