The Singapore Polo Club was formed in 1899, following earlier unsuccessful attempts to start such a club in Singapore. Some sources cite the formation year of the Singapore Polo Club as 1899 (instead of 1886), in which case the specific date of formation is probably the day the first game of the newly revived club was played, i.e. 16 February 1899. The game was played at the racecourse of the Singapore Sporting Club, which had earlier agreed to allow polo to be played on its race grounds at what is now Farrer Park, much to the chagrin of the golfers who shared the premises.



In Dec 1948, the Malayan Force was raised by the Singapore Government and was later granted the title of Royal Malayan Navy in 1952 in recognition of its services in action during the Malayan emergency. On 16 February 1963, when Singapore became a state of Malaysia, the Malayan Navy was changed to the Royal Malaysian Navy.



Then Minister for National Development S. Dhanabalan officially introduced the Ethnic Integration Policy in parliament on 16 February 1989. The Ethnic Integration Policy was implemented on 1 March 1989 to promote racial integration and harmony in Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates.



On 16 February 2013, more than 3000 Singaporeans gathered at the Speakers' Corner, Singapore at Hong Lim Park for a non-partisan protest against the government's Population White Paper which projected a possible 6.9 million people in Singapore by 2030.