In 1938, the British built Alexandra Hospital as a military hospital. Japanese troops attached the hospital on 14 February 1942 in retaliation against retreating Allied soldiers who had fired at them from the hospital gronds. They killed an estimated 50 staff and patients.


(Source: NHB plaque at Alexandra Hospital)




The Battle of Opium Hill on 14 February 1942 at Pasir Panjang was one of the fiercest battles that took place in Singapore in World War II. It pitted the invading Japanese Army against a brave but heavily outnumbered troop of the 1st Malay Brigade of the Malay Regiment. The battle was also remembered for the heroism of Lieutenant Adnan Saidi, the leader of the brigade, who together with his men fought the Japanese to their grisly deaths. Today, an interpretive centre, Reflections at Bukit Chandu, stands on the hill, commemorating the battle and the contributions of these men.


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On the evening of 14 February 1942, the rolling hills of the Bukit Brown Cemetery were suddenly engulfed in a barrage of flame and fire. Artillery from the Yamashita’s advancing XXV Army opened up their most intensive bombardment of the Singaporean campaign to date plastering the grave covered hills with high explosives rounds that made the earth tremble and sent the headstones spinning through the air.





Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (SAFTI) was formed on 14 February 1966.