By the morning of 12 February 1942, the British lines were being pushed backed. Tomforce fell back from Reformatory (Clementi) Road to Racecourse when the Japanese overran the supply depots at Rifle Range. By the end of the day they would retreat all the way back to Adam and Farrer Road.




The Labrador Battery, as part of Faber Fire Command, was manned by the 7th Coast Artillery Regiment. The guns were used chiefly in conjunction with those of Fort Siloso against enemy targets at sea. On 12 February 1942, they fired on and sank a Japanese ammunition ship which was travelling west near St. Johns Island. They also fired on and sank both empty lighters and those full of ammunition which had come loose of their moorings in Keppel Harbour. This was to prevent them drifting out to sea and being captured by the Japanese.



On 12 February 1979, Goh Keng Swee moved on from the Defence Ministry to the Ministry of Education, where his Goh Report greatly influenced the development of Singapore's education system. He himself was described as both a key political and strategic leader responsible for the transformation of the system over thirty years from "fair" to "great".