The start of the Singapore Polo Club can be pinpointed to February 1886 when a notice appeared in The Straits Times advertising that a meeting to establish a polo club was scheduled to be held at the Exchange Rooms on 9 February 1886.



The Battle of Kranji was the second stage of the Empire of Japan's plan for the invasion of Singapore during the Second World War. On 9 February 1942 the Imperial Japanese Army assaulted the north-western front of the British colony of Singapore. Their primary objective was to secure a second beachhead after their successful assault at Sarimbun Beach on 8 February, in order to breach the Jurong-Kranji defence line as part of their southward thrust towards the heart of Singapore City. Defending the shoreline between the Kranji River and the Johor–Singapore Causeway was the Australian 27th Brigade, led by Brigadier Duncan Maxwell, and one irregular company. On 10 February the Japanese forces suffered their heaviest losses while moving up the Kranji River, which caused them to panic and nearly aborted the operation. However, a series of miscommunications and withdrawals by Allied forces in the ensuing battles allowed the Japanese to swiftly gain strategic footholds, which eventually led to the fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942.





Tampines Mall is a shopping mall conveniently located right at the Tampines MRT Station. Tampines Mall is designed with an elliptical atrium which forms the heart of the shopping mall and where most of the promotional activities are held. The curvilinear shopping corridor doubled their function as a viewing gallery (amphitheatre effect) as well as accentuates prime exposure for the shops. The shopping mall was officially opened on 9 February 1996.




Pioneer Generation Package was introduced on 9 February 2014 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Pioneer Generation tribute at the Istana. Citizens born in 1949 and earlier and who received their citizenship by 31 December 1986 will qualify.