Alexander Laurie Johnston took an active part in setting up the Singapore Chamber of Commerce, which was established on 8 February 1837. He was elected the first Chairman.




On 8 February 1942, Japanese forces first landed in Singapore on the Sarimbun beach. As a result of clever deception by the Japanese who placed heavy artillery attack on the island's north, northwestern Sarimbun was weakly defended, and eventually succumbed to the invading forces.



On 8 February 2007, tunnelling work has begun at the construction site of Singapore’s first underground rock cavern for hydrocarbon storage – the Jurong Rock Caverns (JRC). JTC Corporation (JTC), which has been appointed by the Singapore Government to undertake the project, held a groundbreaking ceremony this morning to mark the commencement of this milestone project. The event was graced by Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Minister for Trade and Industry.



Ah Meng, the Sumatran orang utan that was considered an icon at the Singapore Zoo, died on Friday, 8 February 2008. She was about 48 years old and had died of old age. In 1971, Ah Meng was confiscated from a family which had illegally kept her as a pet. She then found her home at the Singapore Zoo. Ah Meng was the first to host the Zoo's famous 'Breakfast With An Orang Utan' programme. She soon became a celebrity, both locally and internationally. She had been featured in over 30 travel films and 'interviewed' by more than 300 writers. In 1992, Ah Meng received a special award from the Singapore Tourism Board in recognition of her contribution towards tourism in Singapore. As an icon of the Singapore Zoo, Ah Meng has met numerous foreign dignitaries and world-renowned celebrities such as Prince Philip, David Copperfield, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. Ah Meng also contributed to the Singapore Zoo's captive breeding programme. She had five children and became a grandmother in 1990.