Raffles appointed Farquhar (picture) as Singapore's first Resident on 7 February 1819. In his new post, he quickly set about clearing the plain on the north-east bank of the Singapore River. Raffles left Singapore on this day.



Founded on 7 February 1826, the Singapore Yacht Club organised many of Singapore’s earliest regattas. Unfortunately, without strong patronage, it lapsed into obscurity in the late 19th century.



On 7 February 1885, Bishop James Thoburn (Dr), William Oldham and party arrived from India, and formed the Methodist Church in Malaya. Regular services held at the Town Hall (today's Victoria Memorial Hall) and the Christian Institute (at the corner of Waterloo Street and Middle Road, the building still stands today) at Middle Road until December 1885.



In the early 1890's, a group of young European men discovered a splendid spot for swimming and recreation located at the southeastern portion of Singapore. The Singapore Swimming Club was, therefore, founded on a sand bank off Tanjong Katong beach. A primitive attap hut with tented covering served as shelter, dressing room and protection from the weather to the 20 man group but was subsequently abandoned in favor of a bungalow they found and rented which eventually became the location of the present day clubhouse. In 1894, things appeared to be looking up. The members painted and spruced up the place themselves. After the bungalow was painted, records maintain that the bungalow location was the inaugural site of the SSC, with the date of launch being listed as 7 February 1894.