On 30 January 1819, Stamford Raffles concluded a preliminary treaty with Temenggong Abdul Rahman, the Johore Sultan's representative in Johore and Singapore, to set up a trading factory in Singapore. Major William Farquhar helped negotiate the provisional agreement on this day withe the local chieftain Temenggong Abdul Rahman. This draft agreement is penned between the Temenggong and the British and the Union Jack is raised with little ceremony.


Sir Thomas Braddell was born on 30 January 1823. He was Crown Counsel, and the first Attorney-General of the Straits Settlements. Somtime in 1962, Braddell left the East India Company and moved to Singapore, where he set up a law firm in partnership with another lawyer Abraham Logan (the firm was called Logan and Braddell). Braddell was subsequently appointed Crown Counsel (Jan 1864) and then Attorney-General (Apr 1867) of the Straits Settlements, the latter designation which he held until 1882.



30 January 1993 marks a significant event in the history of both primary health care and dental health care in Singapore as today breaking the ground for the construction of the Institute of Health and the National Dental Centre.