The opening of Singapore as a free port in 1819 attracted many British private traders. These were merchants who operated within the Asian circuit but were prohibited from doing a direct trade with London as this was reserved for the British East India Company (EIC). Alexander Guthrie was one of these merchants and he arrived in Singapore on 27 January 1821 to start a local branch of the firm Thomas Harrington and Company.




The Singapore Island Country Club story - also the dawn of golf in Singapore - began on 17 June 1891, with the opening of The Golf Club (picture above), Singapore's first golf club, at the race course (now Farrer Park) by Governor Sir Cecil and Lady Clementi Smith. Golf mania spread, mainly among the British, as only they could join the Golf Club. Even ladies, who were not allowed to become members, took full advantage of golf on Tuesdays, the only day in the week they were allowed to play. With increasing enthusiasm and membership, a $3,000 clubhouse was built and opened for golfers on 27 January 1894.



Fraser & Neave was founded in 1883 by John Fraser and David Neave as the Singapore and Straits Aerated Water Company to produce carbonated soft drinks. The company  was renamed Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&N) on 27 January 1898.


The Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) was formed on 27 January 1986.


Singapore City Gallery, formerly known as the URA Gallery , which had an initial cost of 4.2 million Singapore dollars, was opened on 27 January 1999, by Lim Hng Kiang, who was National Development Minister at the time.