George Dromgold Coleman (a.k.a. G. D. Coleman) became the first Government Superintendent of Public Works when he was appointed in 1833. On 26 January 1826, Coleman was given his first important commission - designing a large Palladian house for David Skene Napier. His other achievements include the construction of the Paliament House (picture), Armenian Church of St. Gregory and many others.




The Singapore Swimming Club was officially inaugurated and opened on 7 February 1894. After its humber beginnings, the Club's membership began picking up. It steadily rose from 65 men in 1894 to 79 in 1895. In 1895, the Club decided to allow ladies in on Wednesdays. On 26 January 1895, the first 'Aquatic Sports' meet of the Club was held with a reportedly large turn-out.


St. Hilda's is an Anglican church of the Diocese of Singapore, founded in 1934. During the war years, St. Hilda's came to be a sancturay of peace, as well as a beacon of faith, hope and love to many fear-stricken people. Revd. John Handy continued God's work in the post-war depression years by raising with the parishioners $60,000 to build a new chapel. On 26 January 1949 the foundation stone was laid by Bishop Leonard Wilson.