Yamamoto Otokichi a.k.a. John Matthew Ottoson, who died on 17 January 1867 is recognised as the first Japanese to have resided in Singapore. He lived in Singapore from the late 1840s until his death in 1867. He was instrumental in opening relations between Japan and the West towards the end of the Edo Period. Among the many firsts he accomplished was helping to translate portions of the Bible into Japanese.



Mount Palmer, later a.k.a. Mount Parsee (Parsi) or Parsee Hill, hill, located near Tanjong Pagar and the bay of the early 19th century Telok Ayer Street. In 1853, Mount Palmer, the largest of the hills on that coastal stretch had a height estimated at 119 ft. John Palmer purchased the hill shortly after the settlement was founded. From June 1827, Mount Palmer had already been singled out as a fortification, part of a chain of batteries to protect the town and east coast from attack by sea. In 1855, at the southern end of the hill, the government built the Mount Palmer Defence Battery. In the early 1870s, suggestions were raised on possible removal of the hill as it was obstructing access to the town. The government decided to construct a road from Collyer Quay (through Robinson and Anson Roads, and later Keppel Road) to the docks and for this purpose, some Mount Palmer land was purchased by the Tanjong Pagar Dock Company, from Hoo Ah Kay in 1872, and the trustees of Parsick Joachim on 17 January 1878.




The National Campaign to Minimise Cash Transactions was launched on 14 March 1985 to urge Singaporeans to carry out their transactions electronically. The three-month long campaign had three specific goals: to encourage Singaporeans to receive their pay through direct credit to the bank, to persuade them to pay their bills electronically via General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO), and thirdly to promote payments through the Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale system (EFTPOS). The third and most challenging part of the campaign was the implementation of EFTPOS, a mode of cashless transaction where the shopper pays his purchases and bills with his ATM card. EFTPOS was officially launched on 17 January 1986 to the 1.1 million ATM card holders in Singapore.