Merdeka Bridge crosses the mouth of the Rochor and Kallang Rivers aka Kallang Basin. Merdeka (in Malay) means "freedom" and the bridge in mid-1950s era, symbolised the peoples' pursuit and spirit for independence. The bridge was constructed over the Kallang Basin to link two stretches of the new Nicoll Highway. This new Channel opened to river traffic on 15 January 1956. Designed by R.J. Hollis-Bee, and built by the Public Works Department at a cost of $9,500.000, Merdeka Bridge and the Nicoll Highway road on which the bridge spans, was declared open by then Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock on 17 August 1956.




It was in the old Ford Factory that the meeting between Lieutenant-General Arthur Ernest Percival and General Tomoyuki Yamashitawas held and the surrender document signed, on 15 January 1942. The island was renamed to Syonan-to (light of the south island) and under the Japanese occupation for 3 years 8 months. During the Japanese occupation, the factory was designated as a Japanese facility to assembly military trucks and other vehicles for the Japanese occupying forces. After the war, the ford factory resumed its operations and finally shutdown in June 1980. The factory was gazetted as a national monument on the 64th anniversary of the surrender on 15 January 2006. The National Archives of Singapore converted the building to house a World War II gallery called “Memories at Old Ford Factory”.



Orchard MRT Passageway links ION Orchard to nearby Shopping Centres opened on 15 January 2008. The passageway will welcome its first train commuters when the station opens at 5.30am on Tuesday. In the passageway, commuters can expect a totally new experience. Advertising can be projected through the glass backlit walls. Art is also planned and the ceiling is built the same way - where colours and sequences can be programmed for different effects.