The Boys’ Brigade was introduced to Singapore by James Milner Fraser, an architect from Britain. He was a former member of the 23rd Aberdeen and the 33rd London Companies. On 12 January 1930, Fraser started the 1st Singapore Company at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church. With the aid of ex-Sgt Quek Eng Moh of the 1st Swatow Company, he got together 12 local Boys to join. The company chaplain was the Rev William Murray and Fraser’s lieutenants were John McNeish (ex-76th Glasgow) and Dong Chui Sing.



On the 12 January 1942, the first major daylight air raid on Singapore. Henceforth, the island is bombed everyday up to the British surrender (with the exception of 19 January).



$1 Front design: "Sha Chuan" Back design: "Sentosa Satellite Earth Station". First issued on 12 January 1987.



The Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church at 77 Prinsep Street was gazetted as a national monument by the Preservation of Monuments Board on 12 January 2000. Built in 1843 by Reverend Benjamin Peach Keasberry, a protestant minister from the London Missionary Society, the church went on to become the first Straits Chinese church. It was also the birthplace of the first company of the Singapore Boys’ Brigade, which was started at the church on 12 January 1930.



SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) – Sengkang opened its doors to serve the Sengkang residents on 12 January 2005. Located in the heart of the Sengkang community hub, the Sengkang Community Building, SHP – Sengkang occupies a total floor area of 2,456 sq metres over three levels.