From 10 January 1835, the Singapore Chronicle appeared weekly, on a Saturday.




Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales arrived on Johnston’s Pier landing platform, it once stood opposite Fullerton Square, on 10 January 1882.



On 10 January 1965, Singapore’s first open-heart operation, repair of an ostium primum defect in a young Chinese female, was successfully performed by Yong Nen Khiong (N. K.) and his surgical team. Open-heart surgery in Singapore was thus born.



Expo MRT station opened on 10 January 2001, sporting a "space age" architecture designed by world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster. The roof is clad in titanium and its design enabled the platform to be free of any columns, freeing up space in a station which will be used by thousands of visitors to the massive 100,000 square metre Singapore Expo next door.