Anglican High was officially opened on 9 January 1956, and led by her first principal, Rev. Huang Yang Yin. Three Chinese teachers, three English teachers, and 123 male students began education at St Andrew's Secondary School. Later on, female students were admitted.



During his opening address to the seventh parliament on 9 January 1989, then President Wee Kim Wee reiterated the need for Singapore to adopt a set of shared national values, because Singaporeans had begun to adopt “a more Westernised, individualistic, and self-centred outlook on life” as opposed to “traditional Asian ideas of morality, duty and society”. Wee cited four shared values: 1) Placing society above self, 2) Upholding the family as the basic building block of society, 3) Resolving major issues through consensus instead of contention, and 4) Stressing racial and religious tolerance and harmony. The core values were said to distil the essence of the Singapore identity, “preserve the cultural heritage of each of our communities” and bond Singaporeans together.



On 9 January 1990, the first batch of F-16 Fighting Falcons flew into the Paya Lebar Airport, marking a new era of air operations in Singapore. The arrival of the F-16s marked an important step forward for our fighter aircraft fleet. Acquired to replace the ageing fleet of Hawker Hunters (Singapore's first fighter aircraft), the F-16s manifested a quantum jump in technology.




Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 opens for operations on 9 January 2008.