In early 1830, John Henry Moore, a former schoolmaster with newspaper experience in Malacca, took over editorship of Singapore Chronicle, the first newspaper in Singapore, while William Renshaw George continued to provide commercial news. Developments at this period included occasional publication extension to seven or more pages; and at the end of 1830, with the amalgamation of Singapore Chronicle and Commercial Register and Advertiser, page-sizes were doubled and this new look issue appeared on Thursday 6 January 1831. The newspaper became a flourishing enterprise.




CHIJ (Kellock) had its beginnings as a small school known as Our Lady of Lourdes School in Ophir Road conducting classes in makeshift classrooms. When the decision was made to demolish the classrooms, the pupils were moved to Victoria Street where the school functioned in the afternoon as School II. This was in 1959. With the increase in the number of pupils, a new primary school became necessary. His Grace, the late Archbishop Michael Olcomendy, donated the land next to St. Bernadette's Church to Rev. Mother St. John. On 6 January 1964, pupils of Primary School II of Victoria Street were transferred to Kellock. Hence, CHIJ Kellock was finally established in 1964. Since then, the school has nurtured and educated girls from all walks of life. As Singapore entered the Information Technology era, space constraint posed a major problem at the Kellock Road site. The school could not upgrade and add new facilities. In 1994, CHIJ Kellock moved out of Kellock Road. The "holding school " was temporary at 11 Jalan Kuala during the construction of the new school building. Finally in 2002, the new school was ready. CHIJ Kellock is now located at Bukit Teresa. (Source: CHIJ (Kellock))



The term “unofficial Leader of the Opposition” was used in Singapore’s Parliament on 6 January 1992 to describe the leader of the opposition party with the largest number of seats in the House.