The Kempeitai was the military police force administered by the Japanese War Ministry during WWII over the Occupied Territories of Japan. Specially trained in interrogation methods, its task was to crush all resistance to military rule and it had powers to arrest and extract information from civilians and military alike. During the Japanese Occupation, there were about 200 regular kempeitai in Singapore but 1,000 auxiliaries were recruited from the army. The Kempeitai was founded on 4 January 1881 by order of the Meiji Council of State. Their powers were extended to enforce the country's various security laws under the Acts of 1898 and 1928. In the 1930s, their political influence increased when General Hideki Tojo became the Vice-Minister of War. From 1895 to 1945, the Kempeitai built up a large network of influence and became omnipresent in the Great East Asia Co-Existence Sphere, that is the Occupied Territories of Japan.



The Singapore Scout Association (SSA), formerly known as the Boy Scouts Association, was constituted under the powers granted by the Royal Charter issued under the hand of King George V dated 4 January 1912, and the Boy Scouts Association Act (Cap 26, Singapore Statutes, 1985 Revised Edition) having the force of law in Singapore.




On 4 January 2010, the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, (SST) opened its campus doors at Clementi Avenue 6 to welcome its pioneer batch of 200 secondary one students. This is a Specialised Independent School that offers a disctinctive 4-year GCE O-Level programme with an integrated approach to applied learning.