The founding of the first maternity hospital came about in the most unexpected manner, a building at the junction of Victoria Street and Stamford Canal opposite the Convent was converted into a maternity hospital. The first patient was admitted on 2 January 1889 and was safely delivered of her baby.




Benjamin Henry Sheares (Dr), second President of the Republic of Singapore. He became president at the age of 64 and held this office between 2 January 1971 until his death on 12 May 1981. He was also known as Singapore's father of modern obstetrics and gynaecology. He lends his name to several landmarks and buildings including the Benjamin Sheares Bridge (picture), Singapore's longest bridge, and the Sheares Hall, a National University hostel.



On 2 January 1982, Singapore went metric.



With effect from 2 January 2003, the SAFTI Military Institute Library (SAFTI Library in short) will be integrated with the National Library Board (NLB) network. This will make the library more accessible to its members and increase the utilisation of its collection. At the same time, SAFTI Library will be open to the public who can now access its premier collection on military history, strategic studies and regional security. This is in line with MINDEF's policy of increasing public awareness of defence and security issues and promoting national education.