Week 43: 21 Oct to 27 Oct

21 October

Bedok Methodist Church was born on 21 October 1946 when a dozen members of the Geylang Straits Methodist Church, headed by Rev. Chew Hock Hin, held their first gospel service in an attap house chapel at Padang Terbakar. Thereafter, the gospel works began to function in the charge of Mr Chan Wah Teck, a local preacher who pastored the church for 36 years until 1982 when he officially stepped down. He continued to assist in shepherding the 5 pm congregation until his retirement.

Yuhua CC located at 90 Boon Lay Way, Singapore (609958), official opening was on 21 October 1989. It was officially opened by Mr Ong Teng Cheong - Second Deputy Prime Minister.

The Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, better known as the Chettiars' Temple or the Tank Road temple, is one of the Singapore Hindu community's most important monuments. It was gazetted as a national monument on 21 October 2014. It was built in 1859 by Nattukkottai Chettiar community.


22 October

On 22 October 1948, Dr G. V. Allen, the principal of the Medical College then, unveiled a War Memorial Plaque, In Memoriam, in the presence of the governor of Singapore, Sir Franklin Gimson. The plaque, inscribed with the names of ten men and a woman, is dedicated to the eleven slain students and was hung in Harrower Hall. Built in 1931, Harrower Hall (now the Orthopaedic Surgery Department) was first home to the students' lounge of the Medical School. Over the years, the memorial plaque moved twice before finally resting in the foyer of the College of Medicine Building, close to the burial grounds of the slain students.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore Bill was then passed (Parliamentary Debates: Official Reports, 2 September 1970, Vol. 30, col. 216). On 22 October 1970, the Bill became an Act of Parliament after President Yusof bin Ishak assented to it (Government Gazette. Acts Supplement, 22 October 1970, Act 42 of 1970, p. 453). On 26 December 1970, the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act went into force and the MAS commenced operations on 1 January 1971 (Government Gazette. Subsidiary Legislation Supplement, 24 December 1970, Sp.S 341/1970, pp.1301-1302).

Located at 155 Middle Road, Sculpture Square was a venue in Singapore dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of three-dimensional art. The inaugural exhibition held at Sculpture Square following its official opening on 22 October 1999 was entitled Provocative Things: A Three Dimensional Experience in Singapore, where works by 16 local artists were shown.


23 October

The Cat Welfare Society was officially approved and registered on 23 October 1999. It was registered as a charity in June 2004.

Killiney Kopitiam is a Hainanese coffee shop formerly known as Kheng Hoe Heng Coffeeshop. It was established in late 1919 by a Chinese immigrant from Hainan. Located on 67 Killiney Road, it was bought over in 1992 by former broker Woon Tek Seng. It is well-known for its kaya toast, French toast and well-brewed coffee and tea. In 2001, Killiney Kopitiam ventured overseas and now has outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia. On 23 October 2006, Woon Tek Seng was a winner in the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Awards for his entrepreneurial spirit in building up Killiney Kopitiam.

Construction of the Punggol Waterway began in April 2009. It was officially opened by Prime Minister Lee on 23 October 2011.

library@orchard was first located on Level 5 of Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road on 21 October 1999. It was closed on 30 November 2007. It reopened on Levels 3 and 4 of Orchard Gateway on Orchard Road. Launched on 23 October 2014, by Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, library@orchard is centred on lifestyle, design and the applied arts.


24 October

Chinese Middle School Riots on 24 October 1956. Mr Lim Yew Hock was Singapore’s second Chief Minister after David Marshall’s resignation. His government took stern measures to put a stop on communist activities. In September 1956, Lim Yew Hock closed and banned two pro-communist organisations -- the SWA (Singapore Women’s Association) and the Chinese Musical Gong Society. The SCMSSU (Singapore Chinese Middle School Students Union) was also dissolved. This causes the violent students riots. What happened during the riot? The students camped at Chung Cheng High School and Chinese High School. They organised meetings and held demonstrations. This went on for about two weeks. On Oct 24, the government issued an ultimatum that the schools be vacated. As the deadline approached, rioting started at the Chinese High School.

The Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC) officially opened on 24 October 1960 with the passage of the Industrial Relations Ordinance 1960 (later replaced by the Industrial Relations Act). The court was set up to deal with matters concerning employer-employee relations and the settlement of trade disputes.

On 24 October 1973, boxing great Muhammad Ali fought in a five-round exhibition bout at the National Stadium of Singapore.

C V Devan Nair becomes the third President of Singapore on 24 October 1981.

6 Battery Road, formerly known as the Standard Chartered Building, is a skyscraper in the Central Business District of Singapore. It is 44 storeys tall and stands at a height of 174 m (571 ft). It has a total floor area of 46,060 sq m. The building also has three levels of basement which provides 190 parking bays. 6 Battery Road was designed by P&T Architects & Engineers Ltd and RSP Architects Planners & Engineers, and was completed in 1984. It incorporates feng shui elements in the design, and the opening date, 24 October 1984, was chosen for its auspiciousness according to Chinese Almanac.

This Bell Clock Tower is presented to the people of Singapore by Crystal Time (S) Pte Ltd, The Shaw Organisation, Raymond Weil S.A. Geneve on 24 October 1994.


25 October

From 1959 up till the early 1960s, Singapore's then Ministry of Culture - now known as the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts - organised a series of free, open-air cultural concerts with a strong multi-racial theme. Known as Aneka Ragam Ra'ayat, meaning "People's Variety Show", these concerts were held at various locations across Singapore. The objective of these government-sponsored shows was to help develop a sense of unity among the people by promoting better understanding among the different ethnic groups. On 25 October 1959 an Aneka Ragam Ra'ayat was held at an offshore island for the first time, at Pulau Bukom Kechil.

On 25 October 1971, the Singapore Government first set up the Singapore Civil Service Sports Council (SCSSC), mainly to handle inter-territorial games between the Civil Servants of Singapore and Malaysia. Over the years, the SCSSC has evolved to the better known, Civil Service Club (CSC) today, and have transited across various locations, from Dempsey, to Mount Pleasant, Portsdown and eventually the iconic location at Tessensohn. The Club has also expanded from a single location at Tessensohn, to include two more Clubhouses at Changi and the newest location at Bukit Batok.

When British forces withdrew from Singapore on 25 October 1971, St George's Church was transferred to the Anglican Diocese of Singapore, thus becoming a civilian church. In 1973, it became a parish church in its own right. Bruce Winter served as its first full-time clergyman until 1978 when he was replaced by Bob Robinson.

Pulau Merlimau was one of the southern islands off the coast of Jurong. It was subsumed with other nearby islands as part of Jurong Island. It used to house the Singapore Refining Company (SRC) refinery. The SRC was a joint venture of British Petroleum, Caltex Petroleum Corporation and Singapore Petroleum Company. The fire that broke out on 25 October 1988 at 1:27 pm at the SRC refinery was the biggest offshore fire in Singapore's history. It was the refinery's second major fire; the first occurring on 16 August 1984. The fire hurt 25 people, mostly firefighters, including five who were seriously injured. It did not claim any lives. The fire burned for six days before it was finally put out on 30 October at 7:00 am. Damage, loss of profit, loss of raw materials especially naphtha, and construction costs of new tanks were estimated to be between $15 and $20 million. The fire and temporary closure of SRC had caused the price of naphtha to rise by US$15 a tonne in the Far East. The fire also initiated talks about implementing new safety measures especially in the setting up of a fixed system for in-house fire-fighting facilities on offshore locations.


26 October

Designed and built a palatial brick residence for John Argyle Maxwell that Maxwell never occupied, renting it first before selling it to the government. The splendid Coleman Mansion, completed in July 1827, became a Court House complex, housing government offices and a Recorder's Office. The building was eventually sold to the government on 26 October 1841 for 15,600 Spanish dollars. The original form of the Court House can only be seen in early paintings and photographs, but it survives today in the core of Singapore's original Parliament House, although much altered and enlarged.

With the opening of Choa Chu Kang Polyclinic (picture above), Bukit Panjang Outpatient Dispensary (OPD) and Bukit Panjang Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Clinic will close with effect from 26 October 1997. Patients attending these clinics will be advised to attend Choa Chu Kang Polyclinic or any other clinic nearest their homes.

Counter-terrorism in Singapore: Deputy Prime Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for Security and Defence S Jayakumar announces on 26 October 2005 that Singapore is developing an early warning system, called the Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning, to identify and assess new emerging threats to national security. (CNA)


27 October

After two months of preparatory work, the Singapore Chinese Medical Society finally held the Founding Assembly and the first general inaugural ceremony of councilors on the 27 October 1946. The Singapore Chinese Medical Society had two objectives: (i) To propagate the Chinese medical principles, to study world medicine, to acquire the specialities of world medicine, to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, (ii) To contact with the profession, to study together TCM, to enhance the efficacy of TCM.

Another 'icon', McDonald's, opened the first of many outlets at Liat Towers on 27 October 1979. On opening day at Liat Towers, Orchard Road, we served up the world's highest volume of hamburgers in a single day.

Star Wars creator George Lucas' Lucasfilm has opened an animation studio in Singapore on 27 October 2005, its first outside the United States. The studio, named as Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, will participate in the next Star Wars production called "Clone Wars". (CNA).